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So, what is gambling? In its true definition, gambling is wagering of money or anything valuable to a game where the result or outcome is uncertain. It is more or less a game of luck, there is no certainty or guarantee. It is pure statistics. Probability and luck. Three important things one must have and keep in mind while gambling is: consideration, risk and prize.

The advent of a computer bought the prospectus of games to be present on your computer. This later evolved with the evolution of internet and games thus became online. Allowing players all around the world to play together, expanding the single user game to a multi-player as well as increasing the possibilities of various games to be played. One of the games that got popular is logiclub.

Online Gambling includes: poker, casinos and sports betting and these all are included online as well. The very first online gambling game was a casino game in the year 1994.

The very first question that comes to any first-time player is how does this online gambling site work?

Now obviously we all realise Online Gambling differs from the in-person casino experience. The main element is that there is not interaction between the players or the dealer. As a mater fact, there is more or less no dealer in the online version at all. The games are mostly operated by computer programs. These Online casinos can offer many games, from one site offering slot machine games based on comic book, while the other offering computerized version of more traditional like casino games. These games have rules which the player can check, and many times different sites have variations of the rules, hence best to check before playing.

There are also many sites dealing with online sport betting games. These sites allow users to bat on athletic teams or players depending on the sport. It may even be betting on a TV reality show and who can be its possible winner. Like traditional way, the sites offer their odds which in many ways are better than the traditional bookmakers. There is also an option to download the playable software version of the game and play the game in a separate application. To begin with, there is a free play option for the new-bees (beginners), however, one must keep in mine most of these games, to begin with, don’t pay out any real money or valuable item. It is mostly for the experience of the game. There is a difference between “play for fun “version and the real money version. The “play for fun” version accounts to a hefty imaginary bank account, which can not be said the same for the real money one. Success in the “play for fun “games don’t equate with the same rate of success, as real money is on the line.

Now to account for the legality of these Online Gambling games, well they fall in a grey legality area. In most of the US online gambling is a band sport but parts of Europe and Canada it is legal, including countries like Denmark, South Korea, even New Zealand.